Susan L Anderson

Artist Statement:

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated with color and design. The simple wild flowers along the roadside, or the ever changing skies never cease to capture my attention. Art is everywhere! As I continually observe the world in which we live, I’ve learned that a beautiful idea may take shape on the picture plane if my senses are trained to notice, to be curious, to examine, to imagine. Such intense awareness brings life to my paintings.

It is my hope to bring you joy and inspire your interest in real life through art. I experience fulfillment when I paint, and consider art a gift from God that must be cultivated. Whether I’m painting a landscape, a still life, or a portrait, my purpose is to bring life to the piece, and capture the subject with an eye toward realism, giving it depth and dimension through the use of shadow and light. I choose to focus on subjects of beauty, meaning, or sentiment. Art is to be enjoyed, to convey meaning, and to stimulate thought, and is a means of creative expression for the artist and the viewer. Art and the process of creating it makes me come alive!

Susan L Anderson

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